Easy Salad

IMG_4855I know there is absolutely no reason for giving any person a salad recipe. Anyway, there needs to be some starting point for me, as nothing is less appealing in the huge huge world wide web than an empty blog. So, salad it is: For me, long time, „salad“ was a synonym for lettuce. In the German language we simply do not distinguish between the mere produce and the finished dish – it is one word: Salat. My all time oh-so-simple favourite green is romaine lettuce. I really like to get the big ones which somehow are difficult to get over here, however, mostly I turn to the baby type because they are available almost every supermarket for fair prices and furthermore easy in handling. I love its crispiness and nutty flavour, which also goes well with fruit in smoothies. Another benefit – especially if you are vegan – is its richness when it comes to protein, calcium and iron. Oh, the deficiencies … no chance.

When it comes to add-ins for the dish there are no limits. You might add the classical things such as cucumber and carrot, go for corn or some type of beans. You might want to add chopped paprika or tomato (not for us who are histamine intolerant) or even more fancy stuff as beets or fruit.

My most eaten combo is romaine, carrot, apple and avocado. I do like and also recommend adding some kernels as pepitas, flax, hemp or sunflower seeds.

FullSizeRender (1)

The dressing is so simple that to me it doesn’t even deserve being called a dressing. However what makes a dressing a dressing after all?

I use lemon juice and evoo. Then I add herbs to my liking. These days I’m using a no name brand of Italian spices that is made from garlic flakes, basil, rosemary and thyme. Alternatively I go for lemon pepper, cilantro (love!!) or parsley.
The sky is the limit…

I seriously recommend being cautious when it comes to new ingredients. You probably know this and are aware – however, sometimes it is tempting, going for new stuff, especially when someone else is cooking or whilst being at a restaurant. No single ingredient can be labelled being either good or bad. Being a vegetable does not mean that it is good for you under any condition! There are always the matters of freshness, combination and last but not least individual tolerances. Lemon is easy to digest for almost most people, however, I know a few who can’t have it at all! Be brave but not frivolous. Don’t go for two or more new ingredients in a meal but one. Variation is great if mastered correctly. For me, the combination as shown in the pictures is just perfect. Sometimes I go for a pear instead of the apple.

Bon appetit!



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