… is what psychoanalysts call a mature type of human defense mechanism.
It is often referred to Freud’s idea of sexual impulses that are transformed into energy, however, impulses of any kind can be transformed into something totally different: arts,
literature, athletic achievements … The word origins in the Latin language and stands for „high in the air“ or „up there on a higher level“ in a sense of purification or cleansing.

It is me to be cleansed now: Cleansed from stress caused by my studies‘ death lines, from a past of finding a way to deal with food properly, from several allergies and food intolerances that came with a lot of pain, cramps and bloatedness, from attempts of trying to achieve acceptance for my own body in order to reconnect to some sort of self within my life.

I won’t sound pathetic here. It is a mere first blog entry on yet another food blog. That is what I want to transform all these sources of (negative) energy into.
The idea of writing or designing a blog has been in my head for several years now. It all started with following fitness accounts on Tumblr, so called fitblrs, later on healthspos and whatsoever. Soon I started uploading pictures on Instagram myself. I then tried to improve those pictures‘ quality from photograph to photograph.
I always enjoyed arranging and shooting those photos, preparing the food that I was going to assemble and also writing little texts about what I ate.
I always felt connected to the English language and therefore I’m studying for a degree in English literature (among some other subjects as well). So, I hereby apologize in advance for potential mistakes both orthography-wise as well regarding linguistic expression.

I turned vegan (completely, have been on and off for quite a while before the given date) in 2013. I don’t think there is any reason in this world that justifies the consumption of animal „products“, neither those resulting from slaughter nor those that are only „taken“. To me, it is murder and theft – both crimes according to our occidental system of values. More about that in future entries.

 I’ve been struggling with allergies most of my life. When I was a child there was milk, stone fruits, animal hair and mould. Now there is a quite moderate histamine intolerance and some wheat sensitivity.

Enough said. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by! All the best wishes from me to you,




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