Creamy Turmeric Hokkaido Rice

I have been away for the weekend. I visited some relatives on the country site and I must admit that I really enjoyed it. Little internet connection, a lot of reading, some sunshine, lovely and caring people and long walks out in nature.

I really kept it simply cooking-wise, since there were only a small tiny kitchen and little equipment. An easy dish that requires little efforts and that is also good to make in bulk for freezing purposes is the following rice dish: Creamy Turmeric Hokkaido Rice. I love its bright and intense colour that indicates its richness both in flavour and nutrients.


Turmeric is a key ingredient for many Curries but also other traditional
Indian and South Asian dishes.
It is has a high level of  anti-inflammatory properties and is also rich in essential oils and anti-oxidants.

For several thousands of years, it was and still is a highly appreciated
ingredient in holistic and traditional medicine – looking at its active ingredient content it makes perfect sense to me.

Rice is an all-time favourite of mine. There is so much choice! Basmati, Jasmin, Wild Rice, Red Rice, Brown Rice, Short-grain Rice, Long grain Rice, Paella Rice, Mochi Rice, Sushi Rice … and so on and so on. For this recipe you can go for any kind, however, I guess that some short type works the best. Short rice tends to absorb a lot of liquid which creates a creamy consistency that we want for the dish.

Hokkaido is the type of pumpkin I
raise in my garden. I don’t know
how I ended up with Hokkaido – there
are a lot of other great varieties as well. Butternut would work too
and also Muscat makes a really
nice flavour.

The (other) ingredients as needed in the recipe are as follows:

– 1 chopped red or white onion
– 1 tsp ground cumin
– 2 tsp ground turmericimage2
– 1 clove of garlic (optional)
– fresh or dried cilantro
– water to cook

– half a Hokkaido pumpkin
– about 1 cup of rice

– some evoo (optional)
– salt and pepper (optional)
– lemon or lime juice (optional)


You will begin with the pumpkin. You may steam it, or boil, or roast it. I recommend cubing it into bite size pieces to enhance the cooking progress. After this start cooking the rice according to the package instructions. Chop onion and garlic and add it to the cooking water and rice. 

As soon as the pumpkin is soft enough (and not too hot anymore!) put into a blender or food processor and add the spices except cilantro and salt and pepper if using plus a little bit of water to create a soup-like texture. Blend it not that well, that there are still some chunks left in the mass. 

When the rice is almost done add the pumpkin mass. Cook the mixture until it achieves its desired consistency. 

To serve, place a good amount of the finished dish in a bowl and sprinkle with the cilantro leaves. Add salt, pepper, lime juice and evoo if desired.

Makes as many servings as you are hungry for – the recipe can be doubled or tripled (or whatever needed) quite easily!



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