My „Week-on-Instagram“ – Monday I

Today is Monday and as long as I’m not back to school yet, I will try to make each Monday an occasion to reflect upon the previous week on Instagram. I don’t want to generalize it as „my week“ because it would be quite boring I guess.

Instagram is my drug and I must admit that I’m addicted to it and I love it more than any other social network. I’ve been using it since late 2012 I guess, however, since 2013 I started to do food posts on a regular basis.

I just passed the 1000 follower hurdle and although I know it is not a lot for some people, I’m beyond proud and also thankful for each single follower. If you want to see who I am and what I’m doing over there, please check out  

Enough words of introductions – here we go:

woi 1

The first picture is taken from my Kefir-post the other day. I received some positive feed-back both here and on IG which made me really happy.

The middle picture shows my breakfast from Sunday: It is millet „porridge with carrot, Cacao nibs and some chopped apple. These days I’m either going for oats or millet for breakfast. Both of them go really well with carrots or zucchini. Please let me know in the comments below if you are interested in further instructions on how I made it. I’d more than happy to write about this.

The third picture was taken at a local flower fair on the very same day. I went there with a good friend and we were really lucky weather-wise. It was nicely warm and sunny. A lot of people have been out there as everyone is longing for some sunshine.

I didn’t post that much as I have been a bit busy. I will try to keep it up posting my weekly favourites and create a habit that way. Thanks a lot for stopping by,



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