My „Week-on-Instagram“ – Monday II

Hey there,

How did you spend the long weekend? I hope you’ve all had a fab couple of days and some cake as I did. I’m home from the gym now, took a shower and ate some lunch that I prepared in advance. Not because I had no time or no ambitions making something, but because I didn’t want to do the dishes twice haha. Does it make any sense after all? I really hope it does.

Lunch is the key term here. I’ve had some vegan cookie dough made from canned chickpeas, some extra protein powder (vanilla type), some soy milk and extra cocoa! It’s so easy and all you need to make this is some ordinary blender (ordinary as opposed to high-speed extra power blenders like the Omniblend or Vitamix for instance). I made it several times within the past week as I could eat it 24/7 without getting bored after all. Hence, you could see it on my account a couple of times actually. Sorry for not being sorry here! You should really give it a go …☺


The nutritional information for a good bowl is about 400 calories, 36 grams of carbs and up to 44 (!!) grams of protein depending on the amount of added protein. I’m not an advocate of supplementing in general. However, since I can’t have big amounts of tofu or tempeh without getting bloated, organic pea, hemp or rice protein is a good option when you are into building muscle.

Earlier this week I went to a bigger grocery store with my mom. It’s some type of wholesale and we just go there for special occasions. Anyway, they also have „normal stuff“ and although we didn’t get what we were looking for I was able to get some treasures:


I got frozen mangoes, a baking book (vegan and gluten free!!), two types of soy milk, some cliff bars and vegan „beef“ made from peas, onion „juice“ and whatsoever. I’m not a big supporter of meat alternatives, but in this case I was curious.

On the last picture, you see salad with textured vegetable protein. (Eeek, meat alternatives again I know … haven’t had it in months! Seriously) It was an easy weeknight dinner: I soaked it and put it onto the panini grill. I ate it with some leafy greens and salt-free seasoning.

Have a great week,



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