„Long Time No See“ + Putting My Health First

I know it has been a very long while since I wrote my last post and oh so much has changed …
I will probably do an update on this at some point.

To give you guys a short version: I fell for a guy, I got fooled before it even started and I got my first academic degree. I gained weight and I lost it again. I built muscle, upped my protein intake, and opened up to more food choices which was – seriously – for good. I’m not a hundred percent vegan anymore for the poor reason that I want to put my health first. This might sound pathetic and selfish, however, I eventually turned insane. You can call me a liar or a fool. You can call me weak. I know all these names from arguments against and about omnis or vegetarians … so don’t teach. I don’t claim this change in my life to be eternal and forever but for the best solution right now. FOR ME. It might work for you, but right now, not for me.

I don’t know if I want this blog to be a mere recipe blog in the future. I might post on my exercises, on books I read or series I watch. Life hacks. Further, I’m thinking about occasionally posting in German since this is my mother tongue. Especially my weight loss achievement could be guiding and explanatory for German readers. However, I really love speaking English (I have a degree, bro) and enjoy the possibility to write down my thoughts on this blog in that very language.

Well, I might even start today… I’m excited as „the best is yet to come“

Venna IMG_7017


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