A Change For Good: Upping My Protein Intake + A MyProtein Vegan Blend Review [Regular / Chocolate]

As I told you in my previous post, I started to up my protein intake. Since I begun (heavy?) lifting from about April onwards, I somehow fell in love with this type of exercise. Claiming to be a runner almost half of my life (I’m as old or as young as 24 to this very day), I never claimed anything beyond running aka cardio and a balanced diet without processed food being essential for a fit and healthy life. I refused to lift a bar as much as I refused to concern my protein intake.

In summer 2013 I came across the high carb vegan lifestyle. Coming from a past of eating disorders and anorexia nervosa, I was more than prone to be attracted to any type of new diet, especially this one promised me to eat as much as I wanted to as well as not to worry about carbs. This, for me, was in a way liberating since it took this fear from me and also allowed me to enlarge my poorly pathetic portion sizes. On the other hand, I neglected the growing concerns about fat and protein intake. You may say that I did not do it correctly – and you be right on this – however, for me it soon became a challenge to lower and lower and lower both fat and protein. Ugh. No good…

I won’t go too far on this… Long story, short ending. I somehow realised I needed to increase both fat and protein and feel better than ever. Well, I started out with Vegan Protein and here it starts, my review of the MyProtein Vegan Blend both the neutral flavour as well as the „creamy chocolate“ one:


As I said I chose this sort of protein since I was still on a vegan diet at this point. It is a great substitute for whey protein if you are either vegan, living a dairy free lifestyle or you just want to keep your diet plant-based. Now, your are probably wondering what the „blend“ consists of: It is a mix of Pea Protein Isolate, Brown Rice Protein Concentrate and Hemp Protein. It is always good to combine different vegan proteins to achieve the best nutritional bioavailability. I would not recommend going for single component vegan proteins since you are probably missing out on essential amino acids then and your body cannot make the best out of the efforts you are putting it!
Other ingredients of the blend are digestion-aiding enzymes (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Beta-D-Galactosidase, Lipase) and for the chocolate one additionally cocoa powder and Sucralose, which is, in fact, an artificial sweetener, but not one of the uber bad ones.
For nutritional info, a proper scoop of about 30 grammes will provide you with 116 calories coming from 21 g of protein, 1.7 g of fat and 3.7 g of carbs which is all in all not that bad.

As almost any protein powder, you are recommended to mix a scoop with about 150 – 250 ml of water, depending on what consistency you prefer.

Now coming to its taste: The regular one has a slight „plantly“ note if you know what I mean. It is very neutral but not total. It can certainly be said to be nutty which I actually like. The chocolate one, on the other hand, is a tiny bit too sweet for my tooth and also a bit too less chocolatey. It tastes like a very mild milky cocoa drink children have for breakfast.

Mixability is no deficiency of both the products. I like to use them plain or also mixing both of the powders to even out the very sweet taste of the chocolate one. I also like to add additional cocoa powder (go for the fat reduced ones) for extra chocolaty-ness. Also, I use the powders for making protein cakes, adding it to my cookie dough or make my own quest bars or a really nice low carb „dessert“ with a secret ingredient that I will both feature very soon. Mixing the neutral flavour with MP’s flavour drops is also a good idea!

When it comes to the prices, it is slightly more expensive than MyProtein’s whey, however, I would not dare to call it expensive. Go for SunWarrior and you will pay more that twice the amount.

The products come in the usual pouches you can easily open and close. Being a loyal customer to MyProtein, I can rely on its good service and quick shipping.

For me, it is a perfect alternative to milk based powders. Although, there are only two flavour choices, there still is a variety if you are only a tiny bit creative.

If you are maybe convinced by the products as I described them, and you think about giving them a try, please feel free to enter my code (MP31339552) when ordering.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know if you are using protein powders as well and if you maybe used these two types already!

Have a great day!




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